Originally released on 2015-03-31
UPDATE 2016-11-02: Version 0.2! Updated, corrected and improved EXE edition, now with HTML5 version for browsers. Also updated the FLAC with correct tags. Why do I bother?

Walking to Sad Pianos While Pressing W is a pretentious waste of time and space. You are some beardman walking around a city. Then it ends. It's got achievements though. Kids like those.

Walking to Sad Pianos was a mistake.

Inspired by such "masterpieces" as Polygon's Game of the Year Gone Home, the actually great Stanley Parable, and the awful, awful, worthless piece of crap created by that non-dev FoldableHuman called Resist, which this game is a parody of, or something. I forgot what I was doing half-way through.


Inspired by this tweet:

Also inspired by this game:

(Just in case there's any shenanigans: The reviews inside the game from Polygon and Kotaku are obviously fake. I shouldn't even have to say this.)


The great guys at lo-ping.org (i.e. the guys who inspired me to make the game in the first place) made this Polygon-tastic video review that's here on YouTube. So go watch that instead:

Also, Michael Campbell (@EvilBobDALMYT) wrote for Super Nerd Land a review of the game, which is here.


WHY IS THERE A TEN MINUTE REVIEW OF THE GAME — WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I mean, The Button Buddies guys at Digitato played my game recently apparently maybe, so there you go. (Warning: It spoils the entire "game". Did I say "warning"? I meant "pro-tip".)

I feel as if I had vomited over a carpet, and people had stood around to contemplate the stain.

Published Mar 31, 2015
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
PublisherMesmerize Games
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Includes a FLAC version of "Theme from Sad Piano" by M Janet Mars.

How to play:

  1. Download the EXE file or go to the top of this page.
  2. Open the game, or click on it if you're still here.
  3. Press W for a long time.
  4. Get to the end of the game.
  5. Question your judgment.


Walking to Sad Pianos While Pressing W (0.2) 7 MB
M Janet Mars - Theme from Sad Pianos (FLAC) 5 MB